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I don't know what to do anymore! Please Help :(?
First of all i have an eating disorder so my life is stressed from that and im in 8th grade so all the girls can be major bitches. I feel like i have no true best friend....i have a lot of friends but i cant tell them everything because they always tell me to shut up or ignore me. Today my one "best" friend said she was having me and like 5 other friends over for a sleepover saturday. I turned her down because i had church and religious education. She snapped back and said well just skip it and i said im not going to skip it, its important. And now she keeps glaring at me and rolling her eyes. Also in the hall today i was walking with 3 of my friends in a straight line and the one girl pushed me into my other friend and she ran into a locker then she screamed at me in front of everyone and grabbed me and shoved me into the lockers. On top of all of this my ex from a long time ago has started to text me again and i text him back because we are friends and he keeps asking for pictures of me. I give him some but not many. Hes gotten really sexual lately though and keeps asking if i will have sex with him and send him naked pictures. I refuse to do this with simply saying no. He calls me a lot of things for example whore, naughty, cheerleader(because i am one), slut, blonde, sexy, hot, and the most common thing he says is "your my *****". When i refused to describe my vag for him yesterday he said i better start describing it now or else i asked what would happen if i didn't and he said he would spank me to death and fu*k my brains out.

I just don't know how to handle anything anymore and i cant go to anyone :( currently im sitting alone in my house while everyone is at the football game even my parents. I feel so alone in this world and i wish i could just disappear.
thats def. not a good boi friend... what kind of people do you hang out with!?

if your really that scared describe a pear or soemthing and hell go and be like: "oh yeah! :D" and he'lll leave you alone. trust me, it happens to us ******* all th time at high school. we ask for sex and th gurlz give us fake sex. its all just a bunch of crap but atleast it makes us feel gud :D

and hell stop bugging you.

plus dont listen to that fool down ther vvv done pray deres no such thing as god, how many "miracle" has god performed? no he does not work in mysterous ways he doesnt work at all!!

so dont b lazy and think optimistic in your life, even when its hard. also, there is a such thing as different types of friends, they can be good listeners, and they can be bad listeners. dont just talk to random good firends cuz they may not know wut to say.

ps i has alot of friends tooo :D
Do all artists become sell-outs?
Do all artists become sell-outs? Typically female artists, they dye their hair blonde and start to become sluts. For example Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, etc. They all take their clothes off, or go on completely naked in music videos. I know this might be an attempt to become sexy, but all of them do that. Even Avril Lavigne is starting to become a girly-girl. Is their one artist that has not become a sell out?
I think that fame changes some--in my opinion Christina Aguilera. She is a different person--I don't like that.

Avril sold out. She changed from meaningful lyrics to just worthless crap.

Not all do. I don't think Green Day sold out. They are just maturing with their music-the lyrics show that.
It depends on the person.

Britney has great UNRELEASED songs, but they record company won't release them. Look up Rebelion, Baby Boy, and Kiss You All Over
Will you comment on a chapter of my story?
I'm writing a story and there's a chapter where the main character almost gets raped. Keep in mind that I'm thirteen and have never been in this type of situation, so I'm groping in the dark. The girl is 15 and the guy is 17, just to let you know. Hope you enjoy. Comment!

“Hey, Eric, I want to show you something.” I was leading him into the alley. All I needed was five minutes before Mom picks me up. I just needed to let out all the frustration from Eliza. It was just going to be five minutes. Five minutes of being a stupid teenage girl like everyone else.

“What is it?” Eric Andrewson asked me. He looked like he was trying to be nonchalant but I saw the excited gleam in his blue eyes, like he wanted more.

I led him to the back of the dark, dank alley: No windows, doors, people, but most importantly, interruptions. I positioned him in front of me, hands on his shoulders. I took a good look at him-same dreamy blue eyes and black hair as this morning- then I made my move.

His lips were so soft and tender, moving slowly with mine, but passionately. Our lips moved together like a couple doing the waltz; he led, I followed, trying to restrain myself from going further. I didn’t want to go past first base tonight. This will mean nothing to him, he’s kissed plenty of girls in his life. My body pressed closer against his, pushing his spine into the bricks. We began sliding down the wall, closer and closer to the concrete bottom.

Then I saw it.

Eric was laying on the ground, blood oozing out of the three bullet holes in his chest and the hole through his head. I stood off to the side, slipping the slim silver gun back into my boot, just like earlier.

My lips jerked off for a moment,, but Eric was getting more forceful, pressing my curves closer to him. I could feel his one hand undoing the belt around his waist, the other making sure I didn’t leave. No, this is enough. I tried moving away but he was too strong, too powerful for me. He jerked off his pants then undergarments, exposed. I was squirming now, trying to get away from his prying hands. He was halfway done my shirt buttons already. I wanted to scream, both in pleasure and fear. His hand was fumbling a lot, trying to undo the last button with one hand.

And then he was done. I was sitting in an alley, pale, cold, scared, and shirtless, with a naked man. Just like the sluts that get thrown out of high school. My cell phone went off: Mom. She was wondering where I was, why her fifteen year old little girl wasn’t waiting for her. This was when Eric stopped French kissing me. He reached into my jean pocket and pulled out my cell phone in the blink of an eye. Damn, this boy is fast. “We don’t need this distraction, do we, Juliet?” he threw my still-ringing phone at the wall. An even more convenient way to silence your cell phone. His blue eyes caught my hazel. I probably looked scared, worried, fearful. He looked… hungry. In a swift movement, like he’d done it many times before, Eric undid my B-Cup bra. I scrunched my eyes, not wanting to see his expression. I felt his hand gently cup my breast, then let it go, bouncing softly in the may breeze. I was trying so hard not to feel anything, not to feel everything. Squinting, I could see Eric blindly undoing his button down shirt His eyes didn’t leave my body.

A single tear formed in my right eye. I blinked, letting it fall down my face freely. Eric used his thumb to wipe it off. I saw him suck on his thumb, savoring the taste of a crying freshman. He still stared at me, his eyes flickering to my naked breasts, then private area. Back and forth, with an occasional glance at my face, my blonde curls, my hazel eyes, my terrified expression. I crossed my eyes over my breasts and pulled my legs up to my chin. My body language screamed NO! I stared at him, trying to make him feel ashamed. He just stared back, wanting more.

He began to lean in, coming closer and closer, his eyes solely trained on my curves. I scooted back, my skin pressing against the wall. I felt something cold rub against my leg. The gun! I still have dad’s gun! My hand flew to my boot but my eyes stayed on Eric. Don’t want to be caught this close to freedom. My arm brushed against his as I grasped the small but powerful gun and began pulling it out. That was enough to distract him for three seconds. He looked at the gun, my face, the gun, my face. Back and forth for an eternity. He flashed me a grin, probably thinking ‘This freshman wouldn’t dare shoot a junior.’ I was too scared to make a sound at all. He was huge, probably capable of breaking every bone in my body. I grasped the gun tight, then whipped it out, aimed it at Eric’s face, pulled the trigger. We both shut our eyes tight and BAM! No more Eric.

The gun jerked in my hands, thrusting my head back against the wall in a painful snap. After the shoot there was no sound other than the distant traffic on the main road. I opened my eyelids slowly a
It was interesting and decently written... third person to answer: you shouldnt be so unneccesarily brutal and judgemental WHY DO I CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK? Stupid scene guys... you keep writing!
Why are there no virgin girls anymore? seriously, it kills me, breaks my heart, what should i do now? HELP?
im a 19year old guy, im good looking, im not too skinny not to fat, *6ft, 183pounds* im a very social guy *clubs, talk to people, meet people* and i love to keep to myself aswell, *games, computer, watch family guy or anime, love final fantasy, and role playing* im a virgin *although my ex gf's were slutty, or i dated them long enough to be willing, *i literally had a blonde virgin naked willing to **** but at the last moment, i said no, because i knew i was just gonna dump her .-it was not working out, she was the one dumb enough to constantly stay out late every friggen night 12am, im not gonna stay with her, even if it is for sex, and im happy about that - )

I literally do get attention from girls all the time, but im not willing to have sex with someone who i dont like. .
all i ask is to find a girl with the same values.

on a rainy night, i want her to cuddle up with me under the blankets ,and watch cartoons or anime or maybe a dvd, with me, all night. i want her to join me with my gaming experience, like, play any video game with me. i want to take an interest in her things and i want her to take an interest in mine, and not judge me because i love video games.
i want to be able to walk up and cuddle her from behind, and i want her to hug me from behind aswell.

im not about the sex, i'd definately initiate it. . sure.

and i want her to be a virgin, either that, or not be a god damn slut, and if she had sex, she had sex with someone she once loved. not something as stupid as experimentation.
hi :)
I'm glad you're not a a douche that only cares about sex. and i totally know what your talking about i have 2 sisters that have sex ALL THE TIME sluts! I'm 16 and have never done anything. so keep looking you will find some one :D and i love video games and watch anime all the time and my sisters make fun of me :(
Am I becoming a slut?
Okay, I am in eighth grade and I just recently turned 14. First of all no, I have never had sex but my question is based on what I do with my body. I started with full blown puberty when I was 12 and I have had raging hormones ever since. I have thoughts about having sex pretty often and I masturbate pretty often too. Although I fantasize and "pleasure myself" quite often, I manage to keep my pants on and have obstained from sex until I get a little older. I guess, what I mean by what I do with my body is like, what I wear, how I make myself look, and soforth. Firstoff, I should mention that I wear thongs. I have been wearing them for about two years. When I first starting wearing them yes, they were to attract boys but now adays I don't go around letting them hang out of my pants, I just wear them because i'm used to them and they are the only thing I will wear. Second, I like to go tanning. I starting tanning a couple months ago and now I go a few times a week. Third, just this week I started shaving my pubic hair. I shave it completely bald and do it everyday in the shower. I actually asked a question on here about it a few days ago wondering if girls actually did that, because my friends had told that they do it and that I should try it. Well, I did try it and I love it. I love the feeling and I think it is more comfortable than having an itchy bush between your legs. Fourth, I often like to sleep completely naked at night. I don't know exactly why I got the urge to do it, but I think it is very comfortable and exilerating as well. Like I said, I am still a virgin and plan to be one for a while, yet somehow I feel as if I am becoming a slut almost. By the word slut, I am not really sure what I mean because I cant think of a word to explain it and I use the word loosly. The reason I bring this up in the first place is because I feel as if I am reinforcing the stereotype about girls like myself. By that I mean blondes, I myself am a natural blonde. I am the type of girl who wears makeup and does her hair everyday. It's funny because I used to laugh at girls like myself and automatically assume that they were sleezy. To put it all into perspective for you, I will summerize. The only kind of panties I wear are thongs, I go tanning on a regular basis, I shave my pubic area bald everyday, I sleep completely naked every night, and I masturbate often. So my question is, should being a "slut" or sleezy be based on how you look and act with your own body? Or should it be based on what you actually do, and act with other people's body's? Do you or someone you know feel like I feel? Finaly, should I keep doing what I like and stop questioning myself or should I be someone else?
sounds to me like you are just growing up.

You are only a s*** if you have sex with lots of different people without any thought to yourself or anyone else
Is this the most embarassing dare game ever?
ok well its me andy again, i have posted several embarrassing stories (i find em pretty funny) which my Friends have done, or emailed 2 me..

well here is a good 1 Lil it makes me laugh.......

ok so i was there on this 1 and it was a dare game...every one there was like 15-16-17 and most of the girls were really hot.
ok so here we go...

it was the summer holidays and my friends parents had gone on holiday, he has a big mansion coz his parents are rich, so he invites me and my best m8's tommy and joe around, and the girls in our form who he fancies......niki (hot slut, had sex lots, great boobs), abbie (quite nce looking, not that hot), sarah(HOT! brown hair green eyes, big boobs), emma (shy girl, hot)and emily (quite hot, nice body)

so we all sit in a circle and spin the bottle, it figures it lands on me first....

so they all huddle up and start whispering.....after a few seconds they turn and say 'andy, we dare you to snog emily' so i do (i got lucky)

then they spin it and it lands on emma (she is hot, blonde hair, big boobs) , we dare her to strip naked, she refuses so we say to her underwear, she does and sits back down, she was wearing a thong and bra!

ok next my friend niki gets picked, they dare her to go into the closet with me and do what she wants!

so we go into the closet and she says take your clothes off, so i strip into my boxers, she says take em off, so i do and cover myself, im gonna go freshen up she says and walks off....with my clothes!

so after 10 minutes she comes back and says come here, i do and she pushes me out of the closet and comes ot behind me.

i blush and cover my privates, all the girls laugh and the boys are hysterical, emma blushes and i look at her, in her underwear...suddenly i get a huge e r e c t i o n and they all laugh, i go bright red and run into what i thought was a bed room, it as the front door, i realised as it closed, and locked.

so i was panicking, when niki opens the door, in some hot lingerie

i get an e re c t i on again, then she pulls me in and ties my hbehindahind my back, my privates completely exposed....everyone laughs until they finally take mercy on me and let me get my clothes back on

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, lol, I feel sorry for you :(
I have no idea who my baby daddy is. What do you think?
Finding my baby daddy has been quite an adventure. Let me start off by saying that I can be categorized as a free spirited woman not bound the idiocracy of monogamy. Everyday is a fabulous journey and adventure into the world of drug induced confidence. So when I conceived my darling daughter, it came as somewhat of a surprise to say the least. I was exercising my right to have polyamorous relationships at the time which posed the biggest question of all. Who was my baby daddy? Sure, I believe in "once you go black, you never go back", but variety is the spice of life. When I found out the race of my daughter, it surely narrowed the possibilities. Throughout my entire pregnancy, I had had one man fully convinced that he had fathered my guy. I so longed for him to be the father because he was tall, handsome responsible, etc. The only problem was, he was white. Not just any kind of white. He was pale skinned, blue eyed, and blond hair; the works! He put me up in his apartment while he went to work during the day as an accountant. We even set up a nursery. When, my baby came out half black, I told him the color came from my side of the family even though I am also a blonde hair blue eyed individual. For a while he believed me, until her hair started kinking up and her skin began brown more and more. One day when I came home, I found that both my daughter and I had been locked out, for good. I went to my mother's house with a determination to find the baby daddy. There were about 5 other possibilities because she was half black. So, I could immediately rule out the one Asian, and two Hispanic guys. I immediately got to work. I tracked down two guys on facebook. They basically called me out for being slut and really hurt my feelings. I had given up, when one day I got a call from Earl. He said he felt connected to me and he didn't know why. When i revealed the news of his potential daughter, he wept. I couldn't console him over the phone, so I asked that he come over to visit me. I greeted him at the door with only a coat on. When he sat down and cried on the couch, I slowly lowered the coat. My naked body shown to him, one thing led to another....We made passionate love as I wiped away his tears of joy. We did end up getting the DNA test later on that week. He paid for everything and had fully stocked up my daughter on all the necessities. We found out, that he was not the father. The other two possibilities, had pretty much dropped off the face of the earth, so I called the Maury show. Maury would not indulge me because I wasn't trashy-looking enough. The producer told me I was way too good at getting the men to pay for things. I was quite disappointed at this point. Recently, I did get in touch of one of the candidates, but he said he would rather not get involved. So, here I sit with tears streaming down my soft cheeks (facial, not butt). My eyes are red and swollen. I know not the father of my beautiful daughter. I'm thinking that tonight I will go and free myself from the idiocracy of monogamy.

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